Unboxing: Polmar DB-50M

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This article was originally published: November 15 2013

Polmar DB-50M: Play this video in the best quality, switch to HD.

The Polmar radio was sold in the Netherlands by K-PO / KBC Import / Export – Argonstraat 6 – 6718 WT Ede – The Netherlands.

Powerwerx DB-750X:
The Polmar DB-50M is the European version of the Powerwerx DB-750X the US version.
But there are difference between the two radios, the Polmar DB-50M is locked and works only within the Dutch amateur bands, while the Powerwerx DB-750X had RX out-of-band and cross-band repeat.
With a little trick you can unlock the Polmar radio so that it has the same options as the Powerwerx radio.


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