Live Audio Stream

After a 3 week holiday, the live audio stream does not want to work anymore.
The server does not recognize my account. We are going to find another solution now.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Na een vakantie van 3 weken wil de live audio stream helaas niet meer werken.
De server herkent mijn acount niet meer. We gaan nu een andere oplossing zoeken.
Excuses voor het ongemak.

Please bear in mind that there is not always a broadcast.
If the audio-stream is active then it will start automatically.
It may take some time before you hear anything, there is not always an activity on the frequency’s.

Hit the PLAY button to start the player.
Press the STOP button to stop the audio.
The volume is controllable with the slider on the right.
(If there is no visible audio player, then there is no live stream)

Currently there are listeners.

When I broadcast and what:
I usually broadcast audio and video such as in the broadcast schedule (Uitzendschema is in Dutch) and sometimes in the weekend from 19:00 CET to 24:00 CET (CET – Central European Time).
(For UTC time, during wintertime minus 1 hour)
Dutch amateur conversations and radio-nets on simplex frequencies and repeaters, as well as stations on the HF bands in the English, German and Dutch language.

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