Equipment News 2012

English: About new radios and associated equipment such as antenna tuners and microphones.
January to December 2012.

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Dutch: Over nieuwe radio’s en aanverwante apparatuur, zoals antenne tuners en microfoons.
januari tot en met december 2012.

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  • December 11: The 409shop now has the new Baofeng radio but not the version with the black display.
    See at: BAOFENG BF-F8 PLUS Although the version number is the same, the display is not black.
  • November 30: Update on the Wouxun KG-UV920R, the newer KG-UV920P.
    Read the 2 part review on the Blog of Hans de PA0AC: Part 1 and Part 2
  • November 22: Hans de PA0AC has now a review on the Anytone AT-558UV, read his review at: Ham Radio Blog PD0AC
  • November 16: Anytone has changed the name of the AT-588UV to AT-5888UV, so people won’t confuse it with their AT-588 Single band mobile. See: Brick O’Lore
  • October 31: A new Chinese Brant and portable radio, namely the: Chierda CD-UV55.

    Quote from the Brick O’Lore site:
    “We were impressed with the quality and operation of this new handheld.
    Very easy to program by hand without reading the manual.
    This is a good replacement for the Wouxun.”

    See for information: Brick O’Lore.

  • October 6: The TYT Quad Band mobile radio. TYT plans to release in October the TH-9800 Quad Band radio in the USA (more info: For the Specs see: Specifications
  • September 16: Review Wouxun KG-UV920R by PD0AC and the verdict is:

    The good:
    User friendly design, excellent receiver, good audio on RX and TX.
    The bad:
    Harmonic suppression disappointing. Rotary encoders are unreliable.

    Read the Review: PD0AC Blog

  • August 27: New Version Baofeng UV-5RE. The UV-5RE model has new firmware. See at the: 409Shop
  • August 8: The BAOJIE BJ-UV55 Dual Band 136-174/400-470MHZ Transceiver now available at the 409 Shop for US $ 223,-
  • July 28: The Wouxun Soap is over.
    The price is now known, in the Netherlands 299 Euros, and on the internet at the 409th Shop, 375 US Dollars!
    A high price for a radio, where the announced Airband and the 0.15 MHz to 30 MHz HF band is no longer present (new specs: Twin Band Transmit – Receive: TX / RX 136-174Mhz & 400-480Mhz – RX FM: 65Mhz – 108Mhz (100K Frequency Spacing)
    or see the specs at the 409Shop).
    This price seems to be far too high, given that the announced Airband and HF band is no longer in the radio present, for that price you can buy in the Netherlands a YAESU FT-7900.
    Nore info on the Wouxun soap see: Wouxun KG-UV920R: Ed Drops A Bomb!
    Voor de Nederlandse lezers enige achtergrond info, zie
  • June 27: A Dutch amateur radio shop now write also that the Wouxun radio will be available in July, see: (in the Dutch language).
  • June 12: A British ham shop announced the Wouxun KG-UV920R for July,
    price in US Dollars: $250,- (±200 Euro’s) see:
  • June 3: More “Wouxun” soap?
    Now a TYT transceiver TYT TH-9800 Dual/Quad Band Mobile, see:
    See also the picture down here.
  • May 28: No news from Dayton !
  • April 24: Now expected in the Netherlands in June, price is not yet known.
    De radio wordt nu verwacht in juni, prijs nog niet bekend.
  • Februari: First photos of the Wouxen KG-UV920R found on in Spain !

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