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A R N H E M:

I live in the city of Arnhem.
The vibrant city is located on the Rhine.
Arnhem is a very old city, although you can barely see that because of the damage caused in the Second World War.
The city of Arnhem had its real origins in 1233 when Otto II, count of Guelders from Zutphen, conferred city rights on the town.
Do you want more information about Arnhem?
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On the picture (above) to the left you will see the John Frost Bridge, named after the British airborne officer John Frost, best known for being the leader of the small group of airborne forces that actually got to the Arnhem bridge during the Battle of Arnhem in WWII.
More info on Battle of Arnhem: Airborne Museum
There is a Movie or Film about this battle: A Bridge Too Far

Ik woon in de stad Arnhem.
Arnhem ligt aan de Rijn en is een bruisende stad.
Hoewel je dat haast niet meer kan zien, is Arnhem een oude stad, het kreeg stadsrechten in 1233.
Wilt u meer informatie over Arnhem?
Zie: Wikepedia/Arnhem

A short video about “the bridge to far” bridge in Arnhem.

Source: DroneShots tv

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