Equipment News 2016

English: About new radios and associated equipment such as antenna tuners and microphones.
January to December 2016.

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Dutch: Over nieuwe radio’s en aanverwante apparatuur, zoals antenne tuners en microfoons.
januari tot en met december 2016.

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  • November 18 2016: It has the looks of a very fine radio with a delicate display. It’s the QRPver-1 v.3 ONE band QRP transceiver.
    For the specifications all info goto: the QRZNOW website.

    Source: QRZNOW
  • May 21 2016: News from the Hamvention 2016 in Dayton Ohio.
    The new Yaesu FT-891 is now on public display. It covers 30kHz to 56MHz on RX and TX in the amateur bands from 160m to 6m with 100W output,
  • April 6 2016: It buzzing with rumours about a new Yaesu radio, with the FT-891.
    It would be a radio with the HF and 60 meters band with 100 watts output.
    For the Dutch radio amateurs see: Hamnieuws

    Source photo: Ham Radio
  • March 9 2016: In late March, the SDR radio Icom IC-7300 is available in the Netherlands. The price is now known is namely 1369 Euro. That makes it a very interesting radio, especially because this radio has also the 4m band.
    You can pre-order the radio at:

    U P D A T E: April 17 2016 – Review from ‘Anton’s Funkperlen’ in the German language.
    Short conclusion: “Any halfway reasonable superheterodyne is better than this direct Sampler. Some 30 years ago ICOM has built better receivers.” (Free translation of the German text)
    Read all about it: Anton’s radio pearls
    Source photo:


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