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This article was originally published: November 20, 2014

The lost innercity of Arnhem:
My home town is the city of Arnhem in the Netherlands.
Before WWII Arnhem had a beautiful city center.
But after the Operation Market Garden (17–26 September 1944) a great deal of the city center lay in ruins.
That part of Arnhem, where the river Rhine flows along the city, is during the heavy fights between the German combat units and the British/Polish and later the Canadian forces, heavily damaged.
You can find many pictures of Arnhem and its damaged heart in books about the second world war.
After the War the center of Arnhem is not historically rebuilt, the street plan of the damaged center changed during the reconstruction and many buildings disappeared forever.
But how Arnhem looked like before 1940?
“Historic Arnhem in 3D” is a small group of volunteers with the goal to make a digital stroll through historic Arnhem.
On their YouTube channel you can find a lot of videos about historic Arnhem.
Two videos are very special and are about the city center of Arnhem before the WWII.

The lost innercity of Arnhem Part 1

The lost innercity of Arnhem Part 2

Source: Historic Arnhem in 3D

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