SW Radio Future?

Does Shortwave Radio Have a Future?
There is a very comprehensive and interesting article titled: “Does Shortwave Radio Have a Future?” that can be found on the “The SWLing Post” blog.
I can recommend this article to every shortwave listener.
One of the conclusions of this article:

  • Shortwave radio cannot be easily monitored by a government. In North Korea, for example, this is why shortwave radio remains a vital lifeline of information about the outside world. Censorship of shortwave radio is comparatively unsuccessful, while the Internet is often subject to total blocking.
  • Shortwave radio is the ultimate free speech medium, as it has no regard for national borders, nor for whom is in power (or not in power) at any moment.
  • Shortwave radio is inexpensive to the listener, because:
    Radios are affordable and plentiful;
    No apps are required, and
    No subscription fees are needed.
  • Information races over shortwaves at the speed of light. No buffering is needed, and there is no speed difference between one area to another.
  • Shortwave radio works everywhere on the planet. You don’t have to be within a local broadcast footprint or that of a satellite to receive broadcasts. Even in the most impoverished parts of the world, you’ll find shortwave radios and batteries that run them. Their “market penetration” surpasses even that of the smart phone.
  • Shortwave radio is a basic, simple technology, requiring little to no learning curve for use.

Source: Does Shortwave Radio Have a Future?

Read the complete article: Does Shortwave Radio Have a Future?
and see also: The SWLing Post . Published: 01-03-2015

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