Analogue TV transmitter

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This article was originally published: January 20 2014
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Analogue TV transmitter:
David Kilpatrick from TX Australia takes Dave L. Jones from the EEVblog on a very interesting and detailed tour of the old decommissioned 10kW analog TV transmission system at the Artarmon facility in Sydney.
This analog TV transmitter was switched off in Sydney Australia on Tuesday December 3rd 2013 at 9am.

Source: The Famous EEVblog from Dave L. Jones

U P D A T E :
My son found another video of the full working analog transmitters.
On this video you can see allot more about the transmitter station.
Very interesting is the UPS that can provide the transmitters with long enough power, before the generators take it over.
This UPC operates not with batteries, but with a giant flywheel spinning on 3300 rpm, see the video for al the info.

Source: the YouTube channel of Craig VK3CRG

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