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This article was originally published: January 16 2015

In the neighbouring countries of the Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany, interesting things are going on.
It has to do with the interference that cause PLC (BPL), on the reception of radio signals.

Great Britain:
Ofcom (the UK equivalent of the American FCC and Dutch AT) proposes that people with “power line” networking equipment could face prosecution if it interferes with radio signals.

Read the very interesting article and the comments on:
You could be prosecuted if your broadband interferes with radio signals

Source: Telegraph Media Group Limited

The German Bundestag helps the amateur radio service.

Also in Germany is something going on about the Power Line Communication (PLC) interference, like in Great Britain.
It basically means that the Bundestag wants, that the amateur radio service must operate interference-free, so interferences in the amateur radio bands are not allowed.

I have tried to find an English text version of the article which can be found on the DARC (German Amateur Radio Club) website, but I did not found it.
Therefore the original article in German:
Der Deutsche Bundestag steht hinter dem Amateurfunkdienst (Link is not available anymore)

Source: German Amateur Radio Club

Since the Dutch amateurs also suffer from these PLCs, I hope the Dutch Ofcom, “Agentschap Telecom” also act against such interferences in the amateur radio bands…

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