RTTY 1984

R T T Y 1984:
Sometime in late 1983 I came into possession of a Siemens T37 Telex or Teletype writer.
In those days Telex or Teletype writer was still very popular and I wanted to join the hype RTTY.
The Siemens T37 Telex machine or Teletype writer was first built in 1933 and was in production until 1960.
My machine was built and used in the World War 2 and in good conditions, I even had a reserve motor.

Source: Fernschreiber Teletype Siemens T.37i by FriediBonn.

Receiving RTTY signals was not such a problem but converting the RTTY signals so that a Telex or Teletype writer could write in clear text, gave a lot more problems.
You needed line current, I think 110 volts and 60 mA and a converter to convert the RTTY audio signals from the receiver.
I probably built early 1984 such a converter, including a RTTY signal maker, so that you also could broadcast RTTY.
The converter was a design by DJ6HP, then widely used in Europe because its design worked fine and was easy to built.

The back of the converter

The insite of the converter, without the line current transformer but with de DJ6HP converter

A close-up of the DJ6HP converter with the FSK modulator using XR2206 IC.

The schematic of de DJ6HP converter. Source: Mon interface RTTY

Schematic from the website: Bastelecke from DL2MAX

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