Historic Radio Video’s

Historic Documentary Videos:
There are some remarkable videos about our radio hobby, but most interesting are the historical film recordings.
These videos shows how radio communication, radio amateurism and the radios and transmitters in the past looked.

Er zijn enkele opmerkelijke video’s te vinden over onze radio hobby, maar zeer interessant zijn de historische film opnames.
Deze laten zien hoe radio communicatie, het radio amateurischme en de apparatuur er in het vere verleden uitzag.

Watch also Part 2, 3 and 4.

World War II – German Wehrmacht Radio E52-b2 Explanation and Demonstration
In the 1960s the US military get to use receivers that are comparable to this receiver.

Vintage ARRL ham radio movie.
Converted from 16mm film to video tape years ago, now from that ancient VHS to digital.

Radio Scheveningen 1951.
Scheveningen Radio or Radio Scheveningen was from 1904 until 1999
the radio station of the Netherlands for communication with ships.

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