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This article was originally published: November 10, 2014

Solar-collecting pathway:
“The Netherlands becomes first country to install solar-collecting pathway”
That’s the title of a website that explains what’s going on in the town Krommenie north of Amsterdam.
As a pilot, approximately one hundred meters of Sola Road cycle path will be placed, costs are whopping $3.74 million.
Scientists plan to monitor the path over the next three years to see exactly how much energy it can create and observe how it stands up over time.

The bike path was Wednesday morning, November 12, 2014 officially opened by Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp (video in the Dutch language).

Down here the Video of the Solaroad website:

But… Dave Jones from the EEVBLOG thinks that a Solar Roadways is BULLSHIT!
Dave debunks the prototype solar cycleway path installed in Amsterdam in Netherlands.

A Dutch gentleman took his bike on the train to Krommenie, to look at the bike path.
See the video “Finding 3 million euros or waste – Sola Road” that he made.

What do you think, is this 3 million Euro squandered?

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