Short News 2016


  • DKARS Magazine 29: End of December 2016 (with reservation), edition 29 of the digital magazine (PDF) wich contains more then 40 pages in the Dutch and English language can be downloaded free of charge.
    Go to: Magazine and download the latest version.
  • PA2OLD has started the construction of a new website that works with the WordPress engine, which will replace this site in a few months.
  • New DMR Tier 1 and 2 handheld radio from Wouxun, the KG-D901 DMR Digital Two Way Radio: Wouxun
  • Wat als telecommunicatie uitvalt? Agentschap Telecom. Onderzoek mogelijke kwetsbaarheden in telecommunicatie-infrastructuur.



Sources: Short News uses a variety of sources.

Over pa2old

I'm a licensed Radio-amateur since 1982 (Ham Radio) PA2OLD - I like Hi-Fi, modern but also old record-players and tape recorders.
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