AnyTone AT-588UV Dual band

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This article was originally published: September 12 2012
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AnyTone AT-588UV:

After the dismal performance and high price of Wouxun’s dual band mobile radio, I’m excited to share information about the AnyTone AT-588UV. I have been testing this radio for a couple of weeks and I’m impressed. I think this will be the Chinese dual bander that takes the market.


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  • Receive Range: (FM) 134-174, 200-260, 350-400, 400-520 MHz & FM Broadcast (AM) 118-134 MHz (Air Band)
  • Transmit Range:(FM) 134-174, 400-490 MHz
  • Output Power: 50, 35, 10 & 5 Watts
  • Bandwidth: Wide (25 kHz) & Narrow (12.5 kHz)
  • Tuning Step: 2.5, 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25 & 50 kHz
  • True Dual Receive – receive two signals at the same time or second side can be muted while transmitting
  • Separate Tuning Knob and Volume Control, each side
  • Separate Function Buttons, each side
  • Either side can be VHF or UHF at any time – VU, UV, UU, VV
  • Cross-Band Repeat (that works!)
  • Alphanumeric Display
  • 4 x 256 Memory Channels
  • CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, ANI, PTT ID, 2Tone/5Tone Encode & Decode
  • Scrambler Option
  • DTMF Microphone
  • Detachable Control Head (CAT5 separation cable)
  • Computer Programmable
  • FCC Part 90 Certified

Websites about this radio:

  • Anytone
  • The websites that did had information about the AnyTone AT 588UV are offline and therefore deleted here.

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