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This article was originally published: February 17 2014
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This is a reasonably cheap hand-held radio that is compatible with Hytera and Motorola DMR repeaters.
According to the users of the CS700 DMR radio is this radio is one of the better ones to come out of China!
The conclusion of one of the reviewers, VA3XPR is:

The CS700 is a great low cost option for anyone looking to get started with DMR and at $180US (€ 249,- in the Netherlands) price point, they really cannot go wrong. While the radio still has some software defects to be worked out over time, we feel that it is well positioned to become a winner within the ham radio community.

Read his full review at: CSI CS700 Portable Radio Review

Review KC5HWB:
Another review on the Grapevine Ham Radio website by: KC5HWB.
He had a problem with updating the firmware, the radio locked-up.

As far as I can tell, this is a 1-off issue with this radio. No one else in the group has reported this problem with this radio.

Read all about it at: Connect Systems CS700 UHF DMR HT on Grapevine Ham Radio.

Review PDØAC:
One of the best technical reviewers of Chinese radios is Hans PDØAC.
His conclusion is:

This is a very nice, well designed and affordable DMR radio. Battery life could be better, scanning is slow, the radio can’t do roaming, but other than that there isn’t much else to complain about.

Read all about it on his review of the CS700, now online at: Review Connect Systems CS700 DMR Handheld

Dit is een redelijk goedkope DMR porto die compatibel is met Hytera en Motorola DMR repeaters.
Volgens de gebruikers van de CS700 DMR porto is deze radio een van de betere Chinese radio’s.
De conclusie van een van de reviewers, namelijk VA3XPR:

De CS700 is een geweldig optie voor iedereen die op zoek is naar een goedkope manier om met DMR te beginnen, voor de prijs van $ 180US (€ 249,- in Nederland), is dit beslist geen miskoop. De radio heeft nog een aantal softwarefouten maar die worden na verloop van tijd wel opgelost. Het lijkt erop dat deze radio een goede kans maakt onder de DMR radioamateurs. (vrij vertaald)

Lees zijn volledige review op: CSI CS700 Portable Radio Review

Connect Systems:
The official company website and the CS700 DMR radio at: Connect Systems Inc. – CS700 UHF Radio
On this page you will find the:
Specifications, Users Manual, Alignment Manual, Programming Manual, Programming Software, Firmware Version, a Bug List, Instructions for Upgrading the Firmware and a PC Program for Upgrading the Firmware.

This radio is sold in the Netherlands by: for the price of € 249,- and € 25,- for the programming cable (February 2014 CS700 sold out).

CS700 video:

Source: Connect Systems CS700 MotoTrbo DMR Ham Radio by Zack A

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