Diamond GSV3000:
How many watts do we use from the mains?
Radio Amateurs often have no idea how many watts we pull out the mains.
That is much more than we think!
I actually watched for fun how many watts my Game Computer (PC with hefty graphic card) consumed. With a high resolution video game was that around 800 watts and higher!
Then I got the idea to see how much the Diamond GSV3000 13.8 volt 25 amp. (EU version) consumed on the 230 volt mains.
See below the test result:

Under test: Diamond GSV3000 DC Power Supply 25 Amp (EU version) 230 Volt AC

Switched Off = 0 Watt

Switched On = 13,8 Volt

Switched On = 14 Watt

Power 50 Watt ± 10 Amp

50 Watt FM = 241 Watt mains

80 Watt FM = 345 Watt mains

This shows that, with a number of transceivers, one or two computers, peripherals and lighting, we consume at least a few hundred watts.

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