Ham Equipment News

News about Ham Radio equipment:
News about new radios and associated equipment such as antenna tuners, microphones etc of all brands but also of Chinese radios.
In particular the brands Wouxun, Baofeng, TYT and Anytone ect, who have recently released brand new radios.

U P D A T E S:

  • March 04: AnyTone announced severel new transceiver. The AnyTone AT-D868UV Dual Band DMR/Analog radio, the Single Band AnyTone AT-D868S radio and later this year additional AnyTone radios including two mobile 60W/50Watts Analog/ Digital DMR radios. For more info see: QRZ Now

    Source photo: QRZ Now
  • February 22: Xiegu Pre Production X5105 shortwave portable radio by Fred VE3FAL. In the first video (January), unpacking and test indoor and the second video (February) an outdoor test.

    Source: YouTube channel from: VE3FAL
  • February 18: In March Icom launches a new moblile radio, the ID 4400A/E with D-Star and 50 watts power. The radio features a Full Dot Matrix D-STAR with Mobile Terminal & Access Point Mode.
    For more information see the Icom publication: Icom World News (PDF)
  • February 16: Yaesu Announces 2 new Handheld radio’s the FT-25R and FT-65R Transceivers. The FT-65R – VHF/UHF 2 Meter/70cm Dual Band FM Handheld Transceiver, and the FT-25R – VHF 2 Meter Mono Band FM Handheld Transceiver. Both with selectable power settings, 5Watt, 2.5Watt and 0.5Watt, 1W front facing internal speaker. More info on the Yaesu website at: FT-65R – VHF/UHF and FT-25R – VHF
  • February 12 2017: The QYT KT-8900D Dualband VHF/UHF radio is now available in the Netherlands at: PortofoonWeb for €149,00. The QYT KT 8900D is the 2nd generation dual-band transceiver in the 8900 series of QYT. The transceiver is equipped with a Quad Watch function, you can monitor four channels.

    Source photo: PortofoonWeb
  • February 10 2017: Review – Connect Systems CS-580 DMR Tier II.
    There is a good review about the new CS-580 build by BFDX on the website of PDØAC and written
    by John ‘Miklor’ K3NXU. Go to: Ham Radio Blog PD0AC

    Source photo: Ham Radio Blog PD0AC
  • November 18 2016: It has the looks of a very fine radio with a delicate display. It’s the QRPver-1 v.3 ONE band QRP transceiver.
    For the specifications all info goto: the QRZNOW website.
  • May 21 2016: News from the Hamvention 2016 in Dayton Ohio.
    The new Yaesu FT-891 is now on public display. It covers 30kHz to 56MHz on RX and TX in the amateur bands from 160m to 6m with 100W output,
    Source: www.qrpblog.com
  • April 6 2016: It buzzing with rumours about a new Yaesu radio, with the FT-891.
    It would be a radio with the HF and 60 meters band with 100 watts output.
    For the Dutch radio amateurs see: Hamnieuws
    Source photo: Ham Radio
  • March 9 2016: In late March, the SDR radio Icom IC-7300 is available in the Netherlands. The price is now known is namely 1369 Euro. That makes it a very interesting radio, especially because this radio has also the 4m band.
    You can pre-order the radio at: Hamshop.nl

    U P D A T E: April 17, 2016 – Review from ‘Anton’s Funkperlen’ in the German language.
    Short conclusion: “Any halfway reasonable superheterodyne is better than this direct Sampler. Some 30 years ago ICOM has built better receivers.” (Free translation of the German text)
    Read all about it: Anton’s radio pearls

    Source photo: Hamnieuws.nl